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Chanel’s Version of the Platform

Posted in Shoes, Structure & Form by Michelle on January 4, 2011

Is this for real? WordPress says this is my 100th post? I must post a lot…

I love Chanel’s take on the platform for their Spring 2011 line. I especially love the knotted rib-caged platforms (below, at left) in yellow, black, and grey. I want! I want!!! The cutout at the heel totally revamps the old platform a la Skater Girl. Vintage inspired, no?



Louboutin x Rodarte Spiked Heels

Posted in DIY, Shoes, Textiles & Materials by Michelle on February 12, 2010

Could be gaudy, could be hot, but absolutely NOT boring!

(Via Harper’s Bazaar)

(Via the Bidness)

(Via Fashion Mongers)

Fashion Mongers has an article on how to custom make your own DIY version of the Louboutin heels above. Check it out if you’re crafty!


Alexander McQueen Resort ’10 Lace Dress

Posted in Fashion, Textiles & Materials by Michelle on February 11, 2010


Prior to this post, I had no idea of the news of Alexander McQueen’s death earlier during the day. R.I.P. Alexander McQueen.


Stunning lace work like I’ve never seen.

(Via Goldmeans)

All Saints Boots

Posted in Shoes by Michelle on December 30, 2009

I am absolutely loving these military boots from UK brand All Saints! Ugh, too expensivo tho… 165.00 Pounds?

Looking for a cheaper alternative? Check out these STEVEN by Steve Madden Axee Boots, $159.95:

Military Boots

Posted in Shoes by Michelle on December 22, 2009

I’ve been wanting to buy a pair of boots in this style but am only now considering it because I need some serious snow boots. I made a collage on Polyvore:

Lace Up Ankle Military Boots

Lace Up Ankle Military Boots by viictorious

What I really want are the Corley Boots by Steve Madden or something like it:

$54.90 at

Dollhouse Rogeri Boots

Posted in Shoes by Michelle on December 21, 2009

Loving these military platform boots!

Dollhouse Rogeri Boots

Looks a lot like these, but at a much lower price:

Tory Burch Lace-up Boots

Thigh Highs – not just hosiery

Posted in Polyvore, Shoes by Michelle on October 6, 2009

I can’t stop playing with Polyvore! Anyway, I found that it’s easier for me to gather the items I want to explore into one category. This time? Thigh high boots! Awesome.

I’ve been wanting a pair for a while so buy them for my belated birthday present! I won’t mind that you didn’t remember.

Lace and Pyramids

Posted in DIY, Fashion by Michelle on September 28, 2009

Lace top and Pyramid zip-front skirt. Paired together? Perfect or not?

$14.80 at Forever 21.


Lace-up Leather Booties

Posted in Shoes by Michelle on September 27, 2009

I’ve found two! Of course, I can only afford one of them.

Tod’s Aspen Black Leather boots $532, (Via: Bluefly)

Deena & Ozzy Lace-up Booties $68 at Urban Outfitters (Via: Parlez-Vous Mae?)

Jeffrey Campbell Boots

Posted in Shoes by Michelle on September 10, 2009

Jeffrey Campbell Rilla lace-up boots, going for $242 at Revolve Clothing. And $234 at Lori’s Shoes.

I want these SO Bad! Buy them for my birthday!

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