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Dust Off Your Knuckle Dusters

Posted in Amusing, Design, Gadgets / Gear, Structure & Form by Michelle on September 8, 2010

If you’re a peace-loving hippie at heart but want to state, for a fact, that you’re pretty badass, then this post is for you. Are you non-confrontational but want to remind to your co-worker who is two weeks late on that $5 you lent him for lotto tickets? Yeah, you remember. Then this is just what you’re looking for. Simple ways get to your targets or just to make a point, subliminally and in some ways more obvious. Dust off those knuckle duster and repeat, “don’t mess with me.”

For the Fashionista:



The Chrome Lamborghini

Posted in Amusing, Around the Net / Videos by Michelle on March 30, 2010

I was looking for pics of the Incase Chrome Slider (previous post), and found this awesome picture. Totally tawdry and worth a drive. It could  possibly match my iPhone but would definitely match my pimp cup.

(Via Selectism)


Posted in Amusing, Around the Net / Videos, Gadgets / Gear by Michelle on March 28, 2010 writes, “can the iPad fit into a jeans pocket?”  Why… yes it can.

Save a bear. Skin a monster.

Posted in Amusing, For the House by Michelle on March 12, 2010

I loved the title of this article from Design^Sprout so I used it again! Sorry!

This is a wool skin rug from Longoland, created by Joshua Ben Longo. So cute!

Sackboy Bento Box

Posted in Amusing, Around the Net / Videos by Michelle on February 16, 2010

So cute. Sackboy from the game — Little Big Planet.

The Impractical, Do Not Touch, Shelves

Posted in Amusing, Art, Books / Words / Articles, For the House by Michelle on January 9, 2010

Interesting,…… piece of art.

Do Not Touch (counterbalanced shelves)
5 pine planks (each 6 feet), 5 metal brackets, tools and materials from the gallery utility closet or found on the gallery grounds. Each of the five shelves that comprise this work is balanced on a single bracket. All maintain their level balance by the precise placement of the objects they bear.

(Via Eatock)

Tired Baby Cat

Posted in Amusing, Around the Net / Videos, Video by Michelle on December 20, 2009

A real treat to watch! So cute!!!!!
I think I can watch this over and over without getting tired of it….

SNL Digital Remix f/ Rihanna and Shy Ronnie

Posted in Amusing, Video by Michelle on December 17, 2009

Google x4

Posted in Amusing, Around the Net / Videos by Michelle on November 28, 2009

Ever wanted to Google 4 things at 1 time? Or Google 1 thing 4 times? Now you can on the same browser tab!

Just go to!

thx to my brother for showing me.

Manny Pacquiao Sings on Jimmy Kimmel

Posted in Amusing, People, Sports, Video by Michelle on November 15, 2009

Making every filipino proud…..