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Shock! Magnum Chrome DS Lite Case

Posted in Gadgets / Gear, Video Games by Michelle on November 21, 2009

Can someone get me this for Christmas?

It’s a Magnum Chrome Case for the DS. My DS is boring Polar White. This will totally add to my gaming experience. If I could only check myself out while playing….

Get it for $39.95 at Console Shop!

Needs some help replacing your case? Watch this YouTube video on how to do it while listening to triumphantly soothing music….

And of course, he is playing Final Fantasy IV in his DS! (4:45)

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Final Fantasy IV

Posted in Video Games by Michelle on November 20, 2009

A.K.A. Final Fantasy II circa 1991.


Anyone who has ever played this game…. SNES, perhaps?… will know what I’m saying. Better than Myst. Better than Nethack (I just keep dying). Better than Sims. Arguments can commence now, but in my experience… FFIV is the most enjoyable game I’ve ever played.

So much so that I’m searching a working SNES console and the original cartridge for FFII. on eBay of course. A few years ago, you could find a SNES for $20. Now, I think it’s going for over $50. A hefty sum for an outdated system.

Anyway, Final Fantasy II or IV (as released on the Nintendo DS with updated graphics) has an amazing storyline with the most memorable characters ever. Remember when Cecil becomes a Paladin? Remember Palom and Parom? Kain? Tellah? Rosa? Rydia? I wanted to name my future child Rydia when I was 7 years old. And of course… the Chocobos.

Oh, yeah… and the music is absolutely phenomenal.

I can’t get into the story because there is too much and to talk about it wouldn’t do it justice. Playing the game, however, would. Just watch this video:

SNES Final Fantasy IV Introduction