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Vivienne Tam Edition HP mini

Posted in Design, Fashion, Gadgets / Gear by Michelle on September 2, 2010

I went to B&H Photo and Video to do some research. Recently, I’ve been really wanting a PC netbook. I’m a MacBook user but it’s a bit  heavy. I’m too lazy to lug it around with me – to the living room that is… among other places. At the moment, Apple does not offer a cute little netbook, which is such a bummer. So, I figure that a PC netbook is my best bet. I’ve been researching for weeks on best battery life, processor speed, webcam, video quality, etc. Then, I came upon the Vivienne Tam HP mini and its’ specs sheet…

– 2 gHz… uh-huh.
– 2 Gb Ram… oooooo, nice.
– 250 Gb memory… just what I need.
– 3-cell battery… eh, I can always replace that, I guess.
– Matching Vivienne Tam sleeve… perfect!

I looked around. The specs looked great against the basic HP minis. I stood there for a very long time, playing around with it. Examining. Everytime I walked away and tried other netbooks, I always came back to the Vivienne Tam HP mini. Despite my aversion to butterflies, I was convinced that I had to buy this adorable netbook. I think it was the well-designed gold keyboard that did it for me. I’m kind’ve in love with gold machinery. Just read my previous posts. And the mini is so streamlined and pleasing to the eye, reminiscent to Apple’s product designs – something that I don’t want to give up.

I really miss the Mac OS X, though. I downloaded Safari, iTunes, and Quicktime through Apple’s website. It totally helps. I used Internet Explorer for the first 10 min and just looking at it gave me anxiety – way too much going on. I uninstalled some preloaded programs for the same reason…  But, overall I’m definitely enjoying my pretty new toy.

Check out the Photos:

Sony Cybershot DSC-TX7

Posted in Gadgets / Gear, Reviews, Wish List by Michelle on March 11, 2010

This camera is officially mine!  Well, not right now, but when the prices drop.  Thennnn…. it will be mine!  I can’t figure out if I want it in Silver or Navy Blue though. It was released February 2010 for $399.

Specs I care about:

  • Shoots in HD video 1080i
  • Records 60 Frames/sec
  • Low light video recording is waaay improved from the TX1
  • Full touch screen backing
  • TransferJet Technology – can transfer to compatible devices by touching them together
  • iSweep Panorama Mode – panorama is detected and stitched together all in one shot

Great review at RedBan.

Sample HD video in 1080p:

Tired Baby Cat

Posted in Amusing, Around the Net / Videos, Video by Michelle on December 20, 2009

A real treat to watch! So cute!!!!!
I think I can watch this over and over without getting tired of it….

Christopher Miles on the Apple Website

Posted in Around the Net / Videos, People, Video by Michelle on November 30, 2009

My brother is featured on the Apple website for creating an HP-esque commercial for the Obama Time Capsule. Check it here or on the Apple website.

Here is the finished video:

And here is the original on my brother’s Vimeo: The Obama Time Capsule from Christopher Miles on Vimeo.

That’s my brother in the blue shirt doing all the arm movements! And his narration on the original video.

* * * * * * *

Below are screenshots of the Obama Time Capsule Feature on the Apple website. The second image highlights the feature on my brother, Christopher Miles, and Dillon McCarthy.

Final Fantasy IV

Posted in Video Games by Michelle on November 20, 2009

A.K.A. Final Fantasy II circa 1991.


Anyone who has ever played this game…. SNES, perhaps?… will know what I’m saying. Better than Myst. Better than Nethack (I just keep dying). Better than Sims. Arguments can commence now, but in my experience… FFIV is the most enjoyable game I’ve ever played.

So much so that I’m searching a working SNES console and the original cartridge for FFII. on eBay of course. A few years ago, you could find a SNES for $20. Now, I think it’s going for over $50. A hefty sum for an outdated system.

Anyway, Final Fantasy II or IV (as released on the Nintendo DS with updated graphics) has an amazing storyline with the most memorable characters ever. Remember when Cecil becomes a Paladin? Remember Palom and Parom? Kain? Tellah? Rosa? Rydia? I wanted to name my future child Rydia when I was 7 years old. And of course… the Chocobos.

Oh, yeah… and the music is absolutely phenomenal.

I can’t get into the story because there is too much and to talk about it wouldn’t do it justice. Playing the game, however, would. Just watch this video:

SNES Final Fantasy IV Introduction

Yes, sir, I can boogie.

Posted in Video by Michelle on September 18, 2009

I love this song right now! “Yes, Sir, I Can Boogie” by Baccara.