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Art Deco Ring

Posted in Jewelry, Wedding by Michelle on September 9, 2010

I think that this is the engagement ring of my dreams. ❤ For serious. It’s also $38,500! I want it!

Via Jay Alan Jewelers


If I Were to Get Married

Posted in Jewelry by Michelle on October 25, 2009

I would want a simple wedding band like this:

Jacquie Aiche Hammered Yellow Gold Diamond Ring


The Jewel of Seven Stars

Posted in Books / Words / Articles by Michelle on September 3, 2009

Very good book, I give it 7 stars.

I’m on a big Stanza kick right now. Stanza is an amazing reading App for the iPhone through which you can download A LOT of classic books. Why pay for them if they’re made available for free?

I think I had, at one point, read 5 different George Macdonald novels, back to back. Love him! (I’ll probably review him and his books). But, I needed a slight change, so downloaded a book by Bram Stoker with a cool name, “The Jewel of Seven Stars.” I thought it would have vampires in it, but I was completely wrong, thank goodness. I needed a break from vampires as well–Twilight! True Blood!

First Edition Cover Art

First Edition Cover Art