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Oh, for the Love of Peach Cobbler!

Posted in Food by Michelle on November 17, 2009

To continue with yesterday’s post…. I need to talk about the elusive Peach Cobbler. My obsession started earlier this year when I went down to FL with the BF for a family thing…. on a cruise…. where you can get two of anything!

Every night we had a prix fixe style dinner. That first night I had peach cobbler… I had two. I thought that they’d have it again later during the week. Alas! Noooo! They did not.

I came back to NYC with a craving for Peach Cobbler. I don’t need to tell you twice.. I haven’t eaten a peach cobbler since that cruise. #1: because I can’t find it. #2: it needs to be awesome and preferably a large enough portion for satisfaction to set in.

Right now, I have some ideas. And so the search goes on….. Here is a listing of some restaurants serving Peach Cobbler.

1. Walter Foods, 253 Grand Ave (Williamsburg) – (site) Just look at that picture…. oh, goodness.

2. The General Greene, 229 Dekalb Ave. (Williamsburg) – (website) A review of the peach cobbler can be found on Serious Eats NY.

3. The Pink Tea Cup, 42 Grove St. (btwn Bleeker & Bedford, 1 train to Christopher St.) – Serving Southern food. Reviewed at Cheap Ass Foods. Cheap? I think that’s exactly what I need if I’m gonna be eating it every week. Peach Cobbler is $3.25!

4. Mara’s Homemade, 432 E. 6th St. – Peach Cobbler is $7. All desserts btwn $6 – $10. Their whole dessert menu looks good…. Red Velvet cake! Key Lime Pie! Chocolate Souffle! Pecan Pie! I’m gonna have to check this out. They serve Southern and Creole.

5. The Shark Bar Restaurant, 307 Amsterdam Ave. (UWS) – Reviews look lackluster for the restaurant. I haven’t read anything about the desserts, though. Peach Cobbler $5.50.

6. Virgil’s Barbecue, 155 W. 44th St. (Midtown) – Another restaurant with holding a stellar looking dessert menu. Banana Pudding, Key Lime Pie, Peanut Butter Pie, Warm Chocolate Chess Pie, Rice Pudding, and of course, Peach Cobbler. I think the cobbler changes to whichever fruits are in season. All desserts are $6.95 and a dessert sampler is available for  $14.95.


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