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Victorian Corsets

Posted in Costumes by Michelle on October 12, 2009

I was shopping around for Victorian Corsets for my Mad Hatter Costume when I found this:

Ok, it’s not exactly Mad Hatter-ish, but I’ll tell you what -ishness it is…. It remind’s me of a Victorian or gothic vampire-ish feel. I love this corset so much so that I’m thinking of possibly getting these along with it:

1. Curly Wig

2. Peasant Top

3. Bloomers (Via: Bloomers4U ), but more at this price: eCrater.

4. and of course, Blood!


Overall, the look I’m seeing in my head is a vampire child. Stuck in bloomers but ever longing for the womanly corset, she can never age. She’s cute, but watch out, she’ll kill you in anger and frustration.

And I see blood. Lots of it. Dripping from her mouth down to her chest. She’s sloppy and don’t know how to eat right.

Kirsten Dunst’s character, Claudia, from Interview with a Vampire is a great example of the frustrated vampire child.

(Via: of Film and other Demons)


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