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The Jewel of Seven Stars

Posted in Books / Words / Articles by Michelle on September 3, 2009

Very good book, I give it 7 stars.

I’m on a big Stanza kick right now. Stanza is an amazing reading App for the iPhone through which you can download A LOT of classic books. Why pay for them if they’re made available for free?

I think I had, at one point, read 5 different George Macdonald novels, back to back. Love him! (I’ll probably review him and his books). But, I needed a slight change, so downloaded a book by Bram Stoker with a cool name, “The Jewel of Seven Stars.” I thought it would have vampires in it, but I was completely wrong, thank goodness. I needed a break from vampires as well–Twilight! True Blood!

First Edition Cover Art

First Edition Cover Art

The story begins with barrister named Malcolm Ross, who is awaken in the middle of the night by a man banging on his front door. Through further developments, Malcolm learns that Margaret Trelawny, has summoned him to come to her home on the event that her father has been attacked by some unknown force and is put into a trance. They find on the floor with his arm extended to a safe with a few slashes across his arm. In the efforts of  discovering the nature of the attack, they rummage through the room for any clue at all. Ms. Trelawny finds a letter addressed to her from her father outlining his expressed and seemingly unbending wishes that they do not move or remove anything in his room including the egyptian curios, the sarcaphogi, urns with heiroglyphics and that he must not be removed from the bedroom under any circumstances. If Mr. Trelawny knew what he was doing, they needed to find out as well, before it was too late.

* * * * * * *

Professor Trelawny of Divination

Professor Trelawny of Divination

On another note… Trelawny? As in Professor Trelawny of Harry Potter fame? I’m almost certain that J.K. Rowling got that name from Bram Stoker. Let us review the similarities:

Her odd classroom in the North Tower of Hogwarts is a cross between “someone’s attic and an old-fashioned tea shop.”¬†This dim, heavily scented, and “stiflingly” warm room often affects students’ wakefulness.¬†(Wikipedia, “Hogwarts Staff”)

The Jewel of Seven Stars have many things to do with the North, on on being with the constellation of “The Plough,” or big dipper I’m assuming. Dim: The room that Malcom Ross and Ms. Trelawny spend a lot of time in is her father’s bedroom where he had been stricken with the trance. The only light present in the room during those times is a veeerrry dim lamp illuminate in a greenish cast. Heavily Scented: The bedroom is filled with intoxicating fumes emanating from the centuries’ old chemicals used in wrapping the mummies. These fumes affect Ross’s Wakefulness on the first night of his guard with Nurse Kennedy. Nurse Kennedy falls under a transitory trance. All those on guard in the sick-room adopt the use of respirators so as not to sink into the influence of sleep.

Soooo, I see many simalarities between Professor Trelawny and “The Jewel of Seven Stars.” I see where J.K. Rowling gets her inspiration from.


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