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Evan Rachel Wood Sucks on True Blood

Posted in People by Michelle on August 31, 2009

At 9 p.m. on Sunday, August 30, 2009, us True Blood viewers finally met the delightful Queen of Louisiana, Sophie-Anne. Her looks, badass self, and her gorgeous clothes are the most we can get out of her for now because, unfortunately, the acting sucks!

Queen of Louisiana, Sophie Anne

Queen of Louisiana, Sophie-Anne

Seriously, for a well-known actress to suck on an well-known series is B-A-D. Sorry! love the show and I love her, but I cannot watch her. Her uncomfortable acting makes me uncomfortable.

I DO love her character, however. And I’m hoping that I will get used to her acting and that it somehow ties into the Queen. Hoping too much? Maybe!

Queen Sophie-Anne:

She is awesome! I love her stylized Old Hollywood glamour and persona. I love that she’s over a thousand years old but she still looks like she’s 20. I love her ever-available line-up of beautiful humans for feeding. I love that she likes girls. I love that she plays Yahtzee. I love her house. And I love her ironical “Dayroom.”

There isn’t much to not love about Sophie-Anne except that she deters Vampire Bill from returning to Bon Temps and rescuing Sookie. But I can forgive her for that because she’s cute as a button.

Queen Sophie-Anne and Bill in the Dayroom

Queen Sophie-Anne and Bill in the 'Dayroom'



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